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CCL Shul Members firearms training programs certify that each member has demonstrated their skills competency before moving on to the next level. Our handgun training program has three certification levels, with each level containing its own set of skills and challenges that need to be learned under increasingly more difficult environmental stressors: 

Level I

  • safe gun handling & storage

  • weapons handling and manipulation

  • stance

  • grip

  • trigger control

  • sight alignment & sight picture

  • target acquisition exercises

  • trigger manipulation exercises

  • drawing from a holster

  • drawing from concealment

Level II

  • reloads and malfunction drills

  • cover & concealment

  • multiple target acquisition exercises

  • tactical reloads

  • shooting and moving

  • shooting from cover

  • shooting from various positions

  • drawing from concealment while wearing a tie, tallis and tefillin

  • various concealed carry methods

Level III

  • close quarters engagement drills

  • malfunction and failure to stop drills

  • tactical movement exercises

  • shooting 1-handed: strong & support

  • shooting 1-handed from cover

  • 1-handed reloads and malfunctions

  • multiple target engagements

  • shooting from the ground

  • Varied 1-handed shooting positions

  • shooting around/underneath vehicles

Level II and III certified members are then permitted to participate in a host of advanced training classes, workshops and seminars, including: low-light training, force-on-force reality-based airsoft training, force-on-target tactical training, video simulator decision-making training, close quarters combat training, active shooter responder training, and much more.

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