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Chicago Neighborhood Safety Watch 

MAGEN Chicago has launched a new program called the Chicago Neighborhood Safety Watch. The CNSW program is similar to the highly successful program running in Baltimore for the past 41 years, known as the Northwest Citizens Patrol The NWCP is a frum volunteer-based program where individuals patrol neighborhoods in an assigned section as a deterrent and force multiplier to help spot and deter crime.


The patrols in these programs are highly organized and professionally run. They start with a briefing at a designated base Shul. A Team Leader briefs the volunteers on current local crime trends and conducts a safety briefing. The Team Leader also supervises the group during the patrols and is in contact with local Police Departments if needed. The patrol volunteers maintain close contact with the Team Leader via our radio system with built-in GPS location monitored on the Team leader's laptop.


It's worth noting that volunteers in these male-only patrols are unarmed, and volunteers are not permitted to leave their vehicles. The approach is non-confrontational, and if they spot suspicious activity, they are advised to move to a safe location before contacting the team leader. Volunteer safety is of paramount importance in this initiative. The volunteer's primary job is to observe and report.


It's commendable that the program in Baltimore has contributed to a significant reduction in crime rates. It's hoped that the MAGEN Chicago CNSW program will also have a positive impact on crime prevention as well as community safety. At MAGEN Chicago, we prioritize your safety, especially during the darker hours when individuals are more vulnerable. That's why we offer our Watchful Eye service to provide an additional set of watchful eyes.


You can call or email our office to schedule an appointment when you need to leave or enter your house in the dark. A trained patrol volunteer will be stationed near your home, scanning your surroundings to ensure your safety and deter potential threats. With this service, you can have peace of mind knowing that a visible presence protects you. Please contact us today to set up an appointment and experience the benefits of our Watchful Eye service.


A patrol volunteer will need to obtain a referral from a Rabbi and complete the application. Once approved, you will be contacted, and a classroom and ride-along training will be scheduled for you. We ask that all volunteers take on this commitment and volunteer for one slot each month. (2.5 hours) We can move this to once every six weeks once we are up and running and have many volunteers. 


Thank you for stepping up and doing your part in helping keep our community safe. We strive to "Protect Our Community From Within"

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