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Additional Patrol Information

MAGEN Chicago has launched a new program called the Chicago Neighborhood Safety Watch. The CNSW program is similar to the highly successful program running in Baltimore for the past 41 years, known as the Northwest Citizens Patrol ( The NWCP is a frum volunteer-based program where individuals patrol neighborhoods in an assigned section and act as a deterrent and force multiplier to help spot and deter crime.

CNSW patrols aim to deter crime through visible neighborhood presence. Teams of male volunteers patrol assigned sectors of our neighborhood. Patrols are highly organized, with close coordination between volunteers and team leaders.

The patrols will start promptly at 7:30 P.M. at our base shul at Khal Chesed L'Avrohom Zidichov, 3135 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL. The assigned Team Leader will conduct a safety briefing and talk about the latest crime trends in our area. He will distribute GPS-enabled radios with real-time tracking, a green flashing light to be installed on top of your own car, and a magnet for the door identifying you as part of the patrols. You will also obtain a map of the sector you will be patrolling, a flashlight, and a dash cam. The patrols will return at 10:00 P.M. for a quick debrief and return the equipment.

These patrols are unarmed, and volunteers are not permitted to leave their vehicles. The approach is non-confrontational, and if the volunteer spots suspicious activity, they are advised to move to a safe location before contacting the team leader. Volunteer safety is of paramount importance in this initiative. The volunteer's primary job is to observe and report. 


Prospective CNSW volunteers initially undergo vetting and screening conducted by HR Revolution screening, an independent employment screening company. This includes a background check and driving record review to evaluate suitability. Credit scores are NOT accessed. In addition to uploading one's driver's license and proof of vehicle insurance, a release form and agreement to abide by all CNSW guidelines shall be signed. Candidates are emailed with available training dates within a few days of vetting.

The initial 90-minute training course and test is completed online. This is followed by an observational patrol ride-along with a CNSW trainer. After successfully completing training, volunteers are qualified for patrols. CNSW initially requests a once-a-month patrol commitment. As the program grows, this transitions to a patrol once every six weeks. Volunteers have a biannual check-ride with a trainer to reinforce protocols. The ongoing participation of dedicated volunteers is crucial to the success of CNSW's community-based approach.

This program is conducted with the working knowledge of local law enforcement and the endorsement of local Rabonnim- see the link for the list of the current Rabbis that have signed off.

This program is an unfunded grassroots organization. Contributions are needed and greatly appreciated. We are a 501 c3 non-profit organization, and donations are tax-deductible. Donate

CNSW guidelines 

List of Rabbinical endorsements 

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