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SSO Program Candidate class information 



Welcome aboard, Candidate! Congratulations and thank you for your commitment in gaining the skills needed to become an effective first responder. 


Below is some useful information that explains this process in more detail. 


Once receiving the phone call go-ahead from us, please visit our site @ At the bottom of this SSO Program page will be a vetting portal link. You will need about 30 minutes to complete this process, at which time you will be asked to pay a fee of $150 charged to your credit card. You will also need to upload a copy of your FFL, CCL, and CCL Insurance card during this process. Please have the pictures or scans of these documents taken at the lowest resolution.  The maximum file size for all 3 documents

is 25 MB.

Within a business day after completing the online vetting, you will be emailed a lab order to take the drug test. You may not want to start the vetting process on a Thursday or Friday as you will need to take the drug test the next day. Please print the order to take with you for the test. You will be required to show a current driver's license or state-issued ID. The form that you sign at the lab will ask for your company name and address. Indicate CCL Shul Members for company name and Skokie for the address.

Within 48 hours, we will know the results of the vetting and drug test. You only will be notified by us if you did NOT pass the vetting process.  

You should have been assigned your first-class date by now. Please go to our site @ and signup to the site, making sure your profile is private. Next, go to the events section and look for your class date and sign up.  

At this point, you are all signed up! 


Please let us know your T-shirt size as we will be providing a T-shirt and range cap for training. You will be responsible for purchasing a pair of tan range pants. Here is the link from Amazon. The ones with a mag pocket are nice.

Duratex mag pocket Khaki color. 

For this training program, we will be starting everyone out on the same page. You will be required to review the Basic Pistol Class and pass the test to be corrected to 100%. The test will be an open-book test and this course should be a helpful review for everyone.  


Here is the link to the course click here

Print out the test at the end. Please email us the completed test to 



Each course will start with a classroom session prior to the range course.


Items to bring to the class. 

  • Pencil and notebook 

  • Eyes, ears, FOID 

  • An appropriate type of gun, preferably a 9MM striker fire with a 4" barrel. 

  • 3 mags with mag holsters 

  • An OWB Kydex holster is REQUIRED. This is for all our safety. 

  • 200 rounds of ammo. brass ONLY 

  • Bottle of water and an energy bar (suggested) 


Due to the high price of ammunition, we will be doing some dry fire exercises and try to keep the ammo count to 200 rounds. If you need ammo for the class, there will be subsidized ammo for sale at $25 per box. CASH ONLY. 


If you have not paid for the entire course prior, the class fee is $150 per class to be paid at the range. Cash or CC is accepted.


The class will start ON TIME! Please arrive early to sign up and pay. Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early for the first class as you will have to fill out a waiver for the range and change into your provided training shirt and cap.  

The last part of each class will be a qualification. One will need to pass the qual to pass each course successfully. If one does not pass the qual, they will be provided a second opportunity.  If one does not pass a second time, we will attempt to provide additional instruction. They can then take the qual the same day or before their next class. 

If the candidate needs additional instruction, they can always take the same Level class on a different date.

In this case, the fee to retake the class will be $50 to cover the range fee.  

After range, a certificate of successful completion will be awarded to those that pass the qual. 

Yes, these classes are more disciplined than you are used to; however, we promise that you will find them challenging, informative and fun! 



Thank you for taking training and your Shul's safety seriously enough to commit to this invaluable training process.

Chiam Naiditch

CCL Shul Members 

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