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At MAGEN Chicago, we take training and preparedness very seriously. To date, we have proudly organized and hosted over 200 training events for our community. This demonstrates our unwavering dedication to equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively handle a wide range of emergency situations.


Our training events cover a diverse array of areas, including women's and men's Krav Maga, Stop the Bleed, CPR, TECC (tactical emergency casualty care), threat detection and prevention seminars, greeter training, active shooter response and drills, and seminars. By offering such a comprehensive range of topics, we ensure that our community members can learn invaluable self-defense techniques, life-saving skills, and strategic approaches to emergencies.


We understand that consistent training and repetition are vital for achieving mastery and preparedness. That's why we wholeheartedly embrace the motto "train, train, and train again." We emphasize the importance of continuous learning and practice to reinforce skills and cultivate confidence in our community members.


Our unwavering commitment lies in providing meaningful and valuable training opportunities for our community. We strive to empower individuals with the knowledge and abilities needed to safeguard themselves and respond effectively in various situations. At MAGEN Chicago, we believe that by prioritizing training and preparedness, we can create a safer and more resilient community.

Past Training Events

Safety Seminar (3)
BH (24) (3)
Women Strong- Krav Maga Seminar
0002_0123_MagenChicago_911_Ad_8.5x11 (1)
Safety Seminar (1)
0018_0522_CCL_SSG_POWSAT_GreeterProgram_R4-1 (1)
0020_0522_CCLShul_Womens_Krav_R5-1 (1)
0011_0322_CCL_Greeter_ActiveThreat_Update_0522_R8B (1)
CCL_ActiveShooter_Poway_1021_R6 (1)-1
Stop the Bleed
CPR Training
Self Defense and The Law (Part 1)
Street Safe
Injured Shooter
Defending Your Castle
Self Defense and the Law (Part 2)
Advanced Hands On Greeter Training
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