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SSG-Shul Safety Greeter Program


In addition to a Shul Safety Officer, some Shuls may want or need an unarmed greeter. MAGEN Chicago has designed The Shul Safety Greeter (SSG) program to provide the same lifesaving skills to committed, qualified community members. The Shul Safety Greeter acquires our SSO volunteers' same multi-level standardized medical and psychological education, plus unarmed combat training giving SSGs similar skills to help prevent and/or triage a multi-casualty event.


SSG Program Background and Development


With the success of the SSO program and in collaboration with local Rabbonim, law enforcement agencies, and professional medical personnel, the Shul Safety Greeter (SSG) program provides shul leadership the opportunity to recommend volunteer applicants to be vetted and trained for first contact synagogue greater responsibilities. The vetting process is overseen by a licensed independent professional background screening agency, and the training and certification process is managed by certified training organizations and instructors. 


Program Structure


Vetting of candidates 

Our first goal is to screen and evaluate candidates for the volunteer program. The vetting process includes a comprehensive criminal background investigation, psychological screening, and credential verification.


STB, CPR & AED Certification

CCL SSGs will acquire the same rigorous medical skills as SSOs. This will be taught by top-tier medical personnel and covers critical lifesaving skills such as Stop the Bleed Certification, CPR/AED Certification, and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.


Active Threat Presentation 

The first point of contact between a potential threat and the Community is the Shul Safety Officer and Shul Safety Greeter. SSG members are trained in awareness and preparedness skills, criminal and civil law, use of force by civilians, psychology and de-escalation, soft interrogation skills, scenario-based training, spotting hidden weapons, non-lethal defense options, etc.

Practical Krav Maga

Learn military self-defense and fighting systems developed for the Israel Defense and Israeli security forces. It is derived from a combination of aikido, boxing, judo, karate, and wrestling techniques. It is known for its focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency.


Emergency Response Plan & Communication

Learn how to create an effective Emergency response plan for your respective Shul. With the essential tools that industry experts will teach, you will learn how to create a plan that will be user-friendly for all members of your Shul. 

Dealing with Law Enforcement During and Post Incident 

Get taught by the POWSAT (Places of Worship Safety Advisory Team) how to deal with Law Enforcement in time of need. And how to be in touch post-incident. 

First-Year Shul Safety Greeter Training

Full training of an SSG is free. Donations are gladly accepted. ​


Ready to join? Click on the below button to get started!

  • What does this program cost?
    Due to some caring & generous sponsorships, the SSG class is free for the Jewish Community. (all donations are welcome and truly appreciated - and will help us continue offering these crucial classes for free to the Community)
  • When do the classes take place?
    It's starting now! Please sign up asap to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and take the next step to help protect your family, Shul & Community.
  • How often are the classes?
    We will have classes posted on our events page throughout the month.
  • Is there a timeline for this program to be completed?
    No, we understand that everyone has a busy schedule and family life. Therefore we have made this program as flexible as possible that can hopefully work for all plans.
  • Will there be a certificate of completion?
    Yes, once you complete all the classes, you will receive a certificate of completion.
  • This sound incredible; how can I help?
    Step one, take the course! Step two, we appreciate you asking and can always use volunteers for events, etc.; please email us at to learn how you can help us protect our Community from within!
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